Caught Stealing

I'm going to go ahead and say that after reading Charlie Huston's Caught Stealing, he's now taken the mantle of favorite author from the old standby of Christopher Moore. Not that Chris has slipped by any means (his sequel, You Suck, was every bit as good as Bloodsucking Fiends), but that Charlie's work has been impressive, fun, fresh, and hard to put down.After getting thoroughly involved in his vampire Joe Pitt series, I found myself nipping at the bit, waiting for his forthcoming fourth novel in the series to come out in October. Hoping to get a decent fix, I ordered the first book in his non-vampire series, in fact it was his debut novel. Starting out as a 'wrong-man' story and ending up somewhere along the lines of the transformed man, (really, it could be almost an origin-type story for Joe Pitt) CS reads fast, reads violent, and is relentlessly engaging. What it doesn't read like is a first novel, and I actually liked it MORE than his vampire series, which if you'd read my reviews on those, you know that's high praise.

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