Bathroom Remodeling

It worked so well last time we went to Kaua'i that we tried the same strategy this trip: arrange for a remodeling project to take place while we were out of town.  Last time it was the kitchen, this time, the bathroom.

On the list of much needed upgrades, we wanted a new tub, larger tile, more space, heated tile floors, granite countertop, new mirror, an "greener" toilet.  In other words, we had the place gutted.

One of our contractor's (highly recommended, again, his site is My Handy Guy, LLC) first suggestions was to flip the door so that it swings out.  That turned out to be a vast improvement to the space issue.  Especially considering we don't have a lot to work with.

The old toilet...

 And the new toilet.  We also replaced the little toilet paper spooler with a stand.  You see the tile changed a little, too.  Instead of whites and biege (someone thought this was a good idea once), we went with blues, grays, whites and blacks.  Turns out getting a matching shower curtain was the most challenging thing.
The original tub was, well original with the house -- small and showing years of abuse.  As does the white tile.
The window is nice, but cleaning the grout and replacing every six months was a pain.  The grouting was just terrible.

The new tub, with matching tile to the floor:
 With a flash on the camera, this shows the color better, the cubby-hole and some of the glass design above.
 Here's the glass design and shower head:
 For the sink, our handy photographer shows of the old-school accoutrements:
 And a view from the tub:
 Now we have this:
 Natural-light view:

And of course, actual drawers right next to the heater.  Can't say enough about heated tile in the mornings or especially late at night.

And now shower time is happy time.  Which is not to say shower time isn't always happy time, but when I open my eyes after cleaning my face, I don't have to avert my gaze at the rest of the bathroom.

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