Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Here's the best encapsulation of my experience with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: it was FUN. It was exactly what the series is all about. Thrills, supernatural frights, great chase sequences, quips and laughs. All orchestrated, perpetrated, or at the expense-of our aging but not quite in-a-wheelchair hero. I may not see it again in the theater, but I will add it to my DVD collection, and not just to fill out the set.And now on to my complaints. Not about Indy 4, but from the litany of feedback that I have read or have gotten from various folks. (One of these days I'm going to write more about the cons of the Internet and how every single idiot's voice can be heard.)

Feedback #1:"Lucas has ruined yet another series!!!" Fan boys are the worst. You think that most of these people are probably under the age of 30, never having seen the originals in the theater and being spoon-fed their opinions from disgruntled adults who never liked movies. Notably, I have not met any negative reviewer of The Phantom Menace who has not conceded it was better than they initially thought, with repeated viewings, but then most just give up, go 'bah' and return to their caves safe from thought. Indiana Jones movies are about as polar opposite of the prequels as you can get -- you need to strap in and enjoy the ride and don't worry about the bumps along the way. Anyway, people like this are best avoided, because you really aren't going to learn anything from them except how to hate.

Feedback #2: "Where would you rank the film? Is it better than Raiders??" This is just irritating for me. I put it solidly at #2, right with Last Crusade and Temple. Raiders is god and the sequels are demi-gods. It's a great follow up. Period.

Feedback #3: "I liked it except for... [suspension of disbelief] issue." There are some parts to every Indiana Jones movie that makes you roll your eyes. Some people don't have issues with the same things that you do, but most have some moment when they are incredulous. Hey, you are watching a sequel called "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". Think about it. And still people cannot stop going, "Yeah, but..." Ugh. See, when I saw Indy survive the nuclear blast in a lead-lined refrigerator that was kicked out about ten miles by the explosion, I laughed and thought it was marvelous. It's an Indiana Jones movie, for Christ's sake. Please don't tell me the forty things that were wrong with that stunt, lest I make a serious face, placing my hand thoughtfully on my chin and say, "Fascinating" with every pointless comment. And then again remind you that you are technically analyzing a movie called "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". Please.

And if nothing else, see Indy 4 for one of the top three, yes top three (no, I'm not going to rank them right now), scenes in the whole series. (I am referring to the 'throw me the rope' scene.) I was literally laughing throughout the scene, not so much because it was funny (it was), but it was so outrageously clever. Come to think of it, I may pay ten bucks to see just that part again. Suspend your disbelief.

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linguo said...

Being a staunch atheist and firm believer in life on other planets, I can't quite explain why I had such a problem with the story. The movie was fun; i laughed, i enjoyed the call-backs, and i thought the fridge scene was hilarious. It's just the story i can't get behind. Ugh. Anyhow, the ending was perfect. Just as i was starting to moan "don't do it!" as Mud was about to put on Indy's hat, Indy snatched it out of his hand. That would have been too ham-handed an allusion.