Samantha Darko

It feels like a good topic for a rapid-fire answer segment on a game show: Which of the following original movies could make sense with a sequel? Iron Man? Sure. Batman? Of course. Superman? Let's hope so. Donnie Darko? Huh? No. HELL no. Why?Never to be stunned by Hollywood logic, word comes today that there indeed will be a sequel to Donnie Darko:
    Touted as the sequel to the 2001 cult hit, the story picks up seven years after Donnie Darko left off. The youngest Darko, Samantha, is now 18 and abandoning her commitment to Sparkle Motion. She heads to Las Vegas with her best friend Corey, but the two are plagued with bizarre visions. I imagine they will involve a rabbit.

    Richard Kelly, the original director, is in no way involved.
I think Richard Kelly is even going "huh"? For those of you who haven't seen it, Donnie Darko is a unique film experience, one that is engaging, creepy, supernatural, and romantic all in the same picture. About as convoluted as a mainstream picture can be, it really benefits from multiple viewings (not to mention the director's commentary track!). If nothing else, Kelly has great taste in 80's alternative music, which infuses the movie. Now, aside from the fact that the story (well, the causality loop, if you will) is completely wrapped up in the film, the main character is not even around anymore. Also, who exactly is your target audience in this venture. Donnie Darko is a CULT film, meaning that the type of people that liked the film would likely react with repulsion to the idea of a "sequel".

On the other hand, I am using logic here, so that probably wouldn't fit in a studio meeting. Alas.

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