No video games for a whole weekend

Via QuizLaw, I see a CNN story video, below of a 7-year old who when joy-riding in his grandmother's SUV. And crashed into a few cars along the way. In his own words, "it's fun to do bad things."

Jesus, this kid is a poster-child for a future criminal. And by "future" I mean soon, because the county is planning to charge him with grand-theft auto. Just listening to the kid shrug off possibly killing someone or being punished 'a little' as appropriate is chilling.

I have to agree with the grandmother's response, "I wanna whip his behind. That's what I wanna do right now. If I thought they wouldn't take me to jail, I'd whip his behind right now." The kid's take, "Punish me a little... like take away video games for a whole weekend." Whoa, junior! Not so harsh! That's crazy bad, like say making you go out and exercise, my little tubby lard! No rush though; that's what they have the 'exercise yard' in lockup for.

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Jaquandor said...

Wow. Just...wow.