Dr. T & The Women

Over at the politically-challenged, but nonetheless entertaining Byzantium's Shores, old friend Kelly comments on a list of the worst chick flicks. I'm not an expert on chick flicks but one entry struck me like a bolt from the beyond: Dr. T & The Women. Do I consider this to be of better stock, not to be included on the worst list? No, I consider anyone who thinks this is a 'chick flick' in the first place to be INSANE.Your first clue that this "romantic comedy" is not what it seems is that it is directed by the maverick Robert Altman. Now, just so we are clear about this, Wikipedia defines chick flick as:
    Chick flick (also "chick's flick") is slang for a film designed to appeal to a female target audience.
Now, if there was EVER a movie that made you go, "wow, chicks are all bat-shit crazy", this would be it. Every single woman in Dr. T's life (and there are plenty) has some incredible character flaws. The only woman he finds attractive is more of a 'guy's guy'. The end of the movie finds Dr. T assisting the birth of a stranger by the roadside, and when she asks the gender, he exclaims with absolute joy: "It's a BOY!!!" In short, anyone who considers this to be a 'chick flick' has got some serious issues.

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