Fight Club "Trailers"

There must be some Palaniuk in the air. Just this week I started reading his book Lullaby, which had been languishing on my to-read shelf for about four years. Frankly, I have always felt that Jim Uhls should have gotten the Oscar (he was nominated) for his adaptation of Palaniuk's first novel, Fight Club, which was an incoherent mess compared to the triumphant masterpiece of a film. Then again, the narrator is schizophrenic, so be it.

In keeping with my theme, Cinematical unearthed a new addition to the controversial, thinking-out-of-the-box Public Service Announcement "trailers" that David Fincher made. Here's the one where Tyler Durden casually informs the viewer (after avising of the theater exits) the drinkability of urine.

Equally as helpful is Edward Norton reminding us that we are in a non-smoking theater and that no one has the right to touch you in your bathing-suit area:

The one I haven't seen before (and I don't believe it is on the DVD, darn-it), and the clear trump card in the hand of these little ditties is the following enchanting song, "Penis". I can't see this tune leaving my head anytime soon.

    Penis, oh Penis

    Penis if you will
    Send a little girl for me to thrill
    A girl who loves my kisses and my arms
    A girl with all the charms of you.

    Penis make her fair
    A lovely girl with sunlight in her hair
    And take the brightest stars up in the skies
    And place them in her eyes for me.

    Penis, goddess of love that you are
    Penis, goddess of love that you are

    Penis, penis, my penis, your penis, penis, your penis, my penis, oh, peeeeeeeeeeeeenis.
Best. Song. Ok, not ever but at least for this week.

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linguo said...

Oh, what a gem! P.S., i think you'll enjoy Lullaby.