Well, more wealth than you can imagine!

I remember vividly the day, as a petulant, yet far-seeing child, I pestered (more like cried in the middle of a crowded store, naturally) my father until he caved and spent the $20 to buy the Millenium Falcon.I feel the performance of childish greed well worth it. For, not only did it become my favorite toy and the one piece of my childhood I have not parted with, but, according to Money Central, it is worth about $4,000:
    Star Wars is about kit as much as characters, hence the appeal of its spacecraft in miniature. This 23" classic version of Han Solo's modified freighter, for use with the 3 3/4" action figures, features a swiveling laser canon, retractable landing gear and a secret compartment with false floor – all fiddly elements which explain the scarcity of mint examples. Another neat touch is the ship's built-in gaming table – a reminder of how Solo acquired it in a match of sabacc.
Whence last I saw it, all those features were indeed intact. (I have just sent a not-threatening-but-I-could-go-there-if-you-don't-watch-it email to my parents to not do anything foolish.) Ultimately, I still look to have it hung on my ceiling, in attack postion.

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