America's Sweetheart

Whatever you may think of Courtney Love, the girl can 'bring it' when it comes to writing and performing hard rock music. I would argue that her 2004 album, America's Sweetheart is one of the best alternative rock albums of the decade, if not all time. What? Who? Are you joking? No, I'm not.

The album, like Courtney's public persona, careens all over the place, but never loses focus. The album displays Courtney's range, from arrogant, angry rock ("Mono", "All the Drugs") to jangly, alt-pop ("Hold on to Me", "Sunset Strip"), the occasional funny, angst song of having heard a tune one too many times ("Zeplin Song") to heart-felt sadness with resolve ("Never Gonna Be the Same"). Courtney brought it, I bought it, and it never leaves my play list. Dismiss her if you must, but don't underestimate the music.

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