Entertaining and instantly forgettable, that's Red.  I spent the $5.99 in Comcast On Demand fees to watch the film because there was nothing else in the library that was appealing, and I heard that it was an adaptation of the comic.  I have since found that the adaptation was loose at best.  This is not to say that I have read the original and am poo-pooing the film version based on its lack of adherence.  If this film were adapted straight from the comic, I should judge the comic to be poorly plotted.

I'm going to jump right to a part of the film that stuck out as incongruent with the nature of the film; that is, bullets fly, explosions happen, and only the bad guys get killed.  In the middle of this, our heroes surrounded by a team of killers, elect to sacrifice one of their own so they can sneak out the back door.  A little more thought (or less thought?) could have concocted (yet another) ridiculously implausible and bombastic escape for the heretofore (and subsequently) untouchable assassin team.  It sticks out like a sore thumb in a film that's just ridiculous and fun.  Coincidentally, the sacrificial lamb is the token black character of the entire ensemble (and film, I think), so actually there is historical precedent.

Other than that, a 'meh' thumbs up and a good film to watch when it goes into heavy rotation on TNT or FX next year.  Not worth five bucks, though.

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