Half the Blood of Brooklyn

Not one to disappoint, Charlie Huston's third installment in his bloody, dirty, violent, and grotesquely fun series, Half the Blood of Brooklyn, sees first-person vampire thug/detective/all-around-tough-guy Joe Pitt burn more bridges than he can seemingly come back from in a short 240 pages.But this isn't a Twilight series (as I mentioned in my review of the excellent No Dominion), and the brusque style and brutal (and I do mean brutal) action and bloodletting reflects the storyteller's own demeanor; he has little time for games and bullshit. Pitt is a man of few words, but when he chooses to open his mouth, he's worth listening to.

Spoiler-free and proud of it, let's just say by the end of this third (in a promised five) book, Joe's got himself into even more of a hole. With the fourth book due out early fall (Every Last Drop, September 30 -- I just pre-ordered today), if the pattern continues, I'm guessing it's going to get a lot darker, a lot bloodier, and a lot more interesting before all is said and done. Huston keeps upping the ante on an already great series.

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