New Bond Girl

Longtime reader and self-admitted fan of the regrettable Boondock Saints film Linguo sent me the following email this morning:
    I’m sure you’ve heard by now, but the new bond girl is Olga Kurylenko. She was smoking hot in Hitman. In my repeated viewings of Casino Royale, Eva Green never look as good as she did the first time I saw it in theatres. Her eyes are too big, or something. I know, I know, I might as well be saying “I don’t really like the way the door hinge looks on the Ferrari Testarosa”.
For your entertainment, here is a pic of Olga:Very cute, especially here:But, where Linguo's point falls short is when he tries to compare to Eva:And as Vesper:Again, is there ever a girl without makeup that looked this good?:Or hastily putting on clothes after a tussle:Or just looking straight-up gorgeous:
In short, here was my reply to the email:
    Look, I'm not the kind of guy to do it, but if I printed this out and took it down to my lawyer, I'm pretty sure I could have you committed. Just be glad I'm not concerned with the ravings of an obvious madman. Love, Matt.

    Now I'm going to post your email and my reply because genius should not be hoarded.
The end of 'debate'.

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