Y: The Last Man

With absolute sincerity, but no expectation of fulfillment by anyone, I endorse reading the entire Y: The Last Man comic series.  The run, scripted by Lost genius Brian K. Vaughn, was just over 60 issues.  It takes over 10 trade paperbacks volumes to cover the story of Yorick, the last man on Earth.

How did Yorick become the last man on Earth?  All the other male mammals just one day fell over and died.  Why did they die is the question that Yorick tries to ask while surviving in a literal woman's world.  Using multiple story arcs that intelligently explore the void and the ways women were free to expand or curtail their own behaviors, the plot of figuring out just what happened is always the simmering background to the fascinating situations and interactions presented by Vaughn.  The ending is a compelling, brave, and fitting conclusion to the saga that is worthy of the accolades it has received.

Throughout the tale, Yorick is helped along by mysterious Agent 355, a strong, intelligent, fierce, sexual woman who is a lot more mature, serious and lethal than our remaining man.  Y has imagination and doesn't shy away from nudity, violence, and even the occasional cuss.  It's an empowered saga that is not exploitative, not whimsical, and not easily ignored once started.

Via Wikipedia, "Y: The Last Man, Volume 10: Whys and Wherefores" was nominated for the first Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story. In 2008, Y: The Last Man won the Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series.  You can get all the paperbacks on Amazon used.  I started out by getting only the first couple, but I'll save you the time by telling you you'll want to finish the story, and have to share on your own.  And if you're really nice maybe I'll let you borrow them.

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