For even casual college basketball fans, it goes without saying that tomorrow night's Duke-North Carolina game is a big event. Even if you didn't have a streaking #15 North Carolina team coming into #1 Duke's senior night, you have a rivalry that is always on the short list of the greatest in sports.ESPN has chosen to premier a new telecast style for the game called 'Full Circle', which at first glance, resembles overexposure. Here is the description for the In-Game Plans for ESPNU Full Circle:
  • ESPN: traditional game telecast with commentators Brad Nessler (play-by-play), Dick Vitale (analyst) and reporter Erin Andrews (reporter) plus "look-ins" to how other entities are covering the game
  • ESPN2: entire game action live from "Above the Rim" camera (traditional feed during deadballs)
  • ESPN and ESPN2 HD: both ESPN HD and ESPN2 HD will offer high definition presentations of game coverage; the widescreen view provided by HD's 16x9 aspect ratio will offer a unique glimpse into offensive and defensive strategy, particularly for ESPN2 HD's Above the Rim telecast
  • ESPNU: entire game live from cameras on and within famed "Cameron Crazies" (Duke student fans) section, split screen with traditional feed
  • ESPN360: live traditional game feed on ESPN's customized broadband service enhanced with extra stats not featured on telecast, hosted by ESPN Radio's Jeff Rickard
  • Mobile ESPN: game alerts, live updates and in-game polling for a replay of a classic UNC-Duke matchup (see ESPN Classic below)
  • ESPN International: coverage offered to approximately 120 countries worldwide, including on ESPN Taiwan, ESPN Israel, ESPN Mas (South America), ESPN Philippines, ESPN Atlantic, ESPN Pacific Rim, ESPN Dos, J-Sports (Japan) and more
  • ESPN.com: live chats, in-game polling for a replay of a classic UNC-Duke matchup (see ESPN Classic below) and highlights on ESPN Motion
Additionally, on select pay-per-view channels, you get the following bonus material:
  • ESPN Homeless: A camera crew follows an ESPN host who dangles a $100 bill in front of homeless people, which he promises to give them if they answer the following question correctly: Who is better -- Duke or Carolina? Of course, the host always tells them the answer is the opposite of what the homeless person chose, leading to tears and laughter.
  • ESPN ER: A surgical Emergency Room team attempts to provide play-by-play of the Duke-Carolina game from a monitor while saving the lives of critically injured patients.
  • ESPN Hostage: Wearing a wire, an ACC basketball fan gets himself 'captured' by terrorists, and then demands 'updates and highlights' from the game every five minutes, pushing his captors' patience to the limit.
  • ESPN Fries-With-That: A camera is positioned on a food services worker at Cameron Indoor who is so 'over' the rivalry and just wants a better career. Watch her slowly turn into a true 'Cameron crazy' over the course of the evening.
All that said, I can't wait for the game.

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