New DVD notes
This was a big week for DVD releases, but none bigger than Spider-Man 2, one of the most satisfying comic book movies ever, rivaled only by X2. The package boasts over 10 hours (sheesh) of bonus features, most of which I predict I'll never get around to watching. However, I'm always interested in blooper reels, and the one provided was the highlight of my evening. I was in tears watching the repeated attempts of Alfred Molina (Doc Octopus) to drink a sip of whiskey held by one of his mechanical arms.

In contrast to Spider-Man 2's success was the mediocre Daredevil from early 2003. I remember feeling, upon leaving the viewing, that I'd seen a portion of a film, that there was much more to be seen than what I was given. Had I not seen the director's cut of Riddick, I might be able to shrug off the newly, 30-minute expanded Daredevil director's cut that was just released as filler. But I can't so easily do that anymore.

UPDATE: Damn Amazon.com! And damn Kate Beckinsale! I wanted to get just Daredevil DC but there she was taunting me for an extra 16 bucks. Oh well. There are worse fates.

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