Kneel before Matt
Out of boredom, I've been cultivating the facial hair over the last few days. Having taking the time to trim and shape, it's passable at work (both my bosses have beards, so at worst they will think I am sucking up, which we all know is a impossibility).

Working in the IT section, the most commmon comment is 'convict', although my own opinion is different. Because of my short hair (I clip it to 1/8"), my beard blends with the hair on my head. It reminded me of the main villain from Superman II, which thus led me to an hilarious site, General Zod.net. There are quite a few interesting bits of worship for the almighty Zod, but my favorite is this little Zod blaster, where you can have Zod destroy your favorite pop-culture icons. For instance, unleash his wrath on Jar Jar. I find the genre switching hilarious. [Works best with audio.]

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