Summer evil
In case anyone has been wondering where I've been for the past month, well, I'll tell you right out (unlike J.K. Rowling who likes to avoid such questions for chapters on end). First, I had to study madly (about 80 hours by my watch) and to successfully pass my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification test. The PMP credential enables you to apply for certain jobs, get instant credibility (I would compare it to becoming a Professional Engineer after you graduate.), and, oh yeah, make more money.

My job has afforded me a lot of spare time, and very little inspiration, so I decided to get something out of the time I've put in here and budget available. In order to even take the test you have to document at least 4500 hours of project work over at least 3 years and 60 hours of training. Then, you get the joy of not only memorizing the PMBOK Guide but the study guide in hopes of cramming a huge amount of data into your head for a 4-hour test filled with nothing but complex word problems. Definitely one of the hardest tests I've taken, but I'm glad it's over.

Anyway, after that debacle was past, I decided to take a week off and hit the beach. No internet access down there, and nothing to do but sleep, eat, exercise, hit the beach, eat again, nap, eat, hit the bars, have Togo's pizza, and then sleep. Rinse off in the shower in the morning and repeat for 5 days. That was my week. Very relaxing.

Finally, as most of you know, it was time (July 20) for yet another birthday, this one for 34 years on the planet. Officially in my 'mid-thirties', but feeling good and actually about 10 pounds lighter than last year. Anywho, enough excusing -- just thought I'd give everyone an update of the activities of the past month.

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