Aw Hell No

It is with great regret that, via Cinescape, I found out that my favorite vampire book of all time, I Am Legend is going to be made into a movie. Starring Will Smith.
    Warner Bros. has signed Will Smith to a pay-or-play deal to star in I AM LEGEND. Adapted from Richard Matheson's novel, the story set in post-apocalyptic New York, centers on the last healthy man following the release of a virus that decimates the population. To survive, he must battle mutants that wreak havoc during the night.
What's wrong with vampires? Why'd they have to 'rastify it' by 10%? The book is genuinely scary, and this, well, sounds like Cinescape reader 'sharpe9th' described in the comments section:
    Plot of movie:

    Smith opens door.

    Mutants appear standing in droves outside a la Dawn of the Dead.

    Smith says: "Aw hell no."

    Smith caves some heads in uttering " Aw no you didn't..."

    Smith wins looking into horizon with dawn approaching.

    The end.
I'd laugh so hard if I wasn't busy crying. I Am Legend is unlike any other vampire book or movie that I've seen, in that it has one of the coolest, thought-provoking endings ever. I have a hard time believing that Hollywood will have the balls to go that route, but I've been wrong before.


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Could be worse, though. At one time it was to be helmed by Michael Bay (shudder). But Francis Lawrence did a pretty good job with Constantine, so it should at least look nice.