Air in tires

I just took my 1999 Jetta in for a series of electrical repairs, from fixing the intermittently-working taillight to the never-working AM radio. (Truthfully, I don't think that the AM radio ever worked, but I'm listening to a lot more talk radio than I used to. Yes, a sure sign of aging.) The dealership is diligently making the repairs as I type this.

I could have picked a better week to bring it in, since it is and is forecasting to rain all day. Chilly rain isn't great biking weather. Still, I've had worse.

My curiosity led me to Google common Jetta problems, just to see if my issues have come up with others. Didn't see any, but I did find an interesting 'feature':
    1999 Jetta: If the vehicle is driven with a rear flat tire, the fuel-tank filler neck can wear, causing a fuel leak and possible fire.
So, note to self: make sure to stop at local gas station on way home to fill up tire and avoid explosion. Good times.

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linguo said...

"Avoid Explosion" should be everyone's motto.