You are the... weakest link

Thanks to Katie Holmes' "scheduling conflict", we are getting rid of the only weak part of Batman Begins and replacing it with a huge upgrade:
    [Maggie] Gyllenhaal is being tapped to play D.A. Rachel Dawes, the love interest to Bruce Wayne/Batman (Christian Bale). In the first movie, Dawes was played Katie Holmes, who, like Gyllenhaal, is repped by CAA. But reps for Holmes said she was unable to reprise her role because of scheduling conflicts.
This should be filed under worst decision ever by Holmes, and best luck ever by a budding franchise. Yee haw.

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linguo said...

Oh, you fool! Katie no longer makes decisions. The Council of Creeps, i mean Scientologists, make all of them for her.

All the better, i say. Her acting in Returns was flat, and Maggie is a much better actress. I say, "Huzzah!".