Fall Battlestar TV Movie

Usually, the surfing ends up having a theme, and today's is Battlestar Galactica. It started from a Pop Candy reference to a Katee Sackhoff Esquire interview. It didn't occur to me that she's still a baby (27).She's going to play the bad bionic woman in the upcoming TV show (on my list of things to watch in the fall mostly because of this) on NBC. When asked if she's seen the show:
    Not until my boyfriend started driving me nuts doing the sound effects. When I finally got the job I was like, "You've got to stop this." And he was like, "Why?" And I was like, "Because I have no idea what you're doing!" And he was like, "You've never seen it before?" He went and bought all the DVDs and made me sit down and watch it. And we both decided that it's still a great show.
First of all, who is your boyfriend so that I can crush him? Secondly, that sounds like something I would do, so he's probably a cool guy. So, even though I will crush him, I promise he will not suffer. Much.Unfortunately, Wikipedia does not list any name or location of Ms. Sackhoff's boyfriend, but it does have a link to Kara Thrace. Then, I end up reading about the synopsis to the last episode of Season 3, just because it was so money. But then I notice a link to the NEXT episode, "Razor", which apparently isn't an episode so much as a full-length TV movie:
    According to IGN, "the movie will indeed focus on an untold story about the Battlestar Pegasus, and feature Admiral Cain (Michelle Forbes) ... While this story with Cain occurs before she and the Pegasus crew joined up with Galactica, the entire cast of the regular series will appear in the movie, as the Pegasus portion is portrayed via flashbacks"[2].
And just to spice things up, we're going to throw in some hot girl-on-girl action:
    According to several unconfirmed reports, it will include flashbacks to the original Cylon War, complete with original series Cylons and spacecraft, and reveal that Cain watched her parents and sister be killed by Cylons. A lesbian relationship will also be hinted at between Cain and Gina [Number Six].
The writers never have disappointed with the series, and according to SyFy Portal, they look to start off Season 4 with a bang:
    "Razor," however, won't just be a typical flashback episode, sources tell SyFy Portal. It will bring together fans of both the original 1970s series and the 2003 remake like no episode has before, and it will feature revelations that will make jaws drop and instill fear on what might come in Season 4.

    Michelle Forbes -- introduced to genre fans as the Bajoran Ensign Ro in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" -- will reprise her role as the iron-balled admiral in the telemovie, proving to viewers that her sunny disposition wasn't exactly the result of the Cylons annihilating nearly all of the human race. Cain is fighting some demons of her own, one of the biggest ones stretching back to the original Cylon War 40 years before where she watched her parents executed by the 1970s versions of the living machines, and being forced to make the impossible decision of leaving her little sister behind in an effort to save herself.

    But the biggest skeleton in Cain's closet will finally come out, so to speak. Remember the disgust Cain had for Gina (Tricia Helfer), the Number Six Cylon prisoner she was holding on Pegasus by the time the military vessel met up with the Galactica? Well, things weren't always that bad between the two ladies. In fact, before her exposure as a Cylon, things were much, much, much, much different.

    "Cain and Gina were quite close," a source tells SyFy Portal. "In fact, they were lovers. We don't exactly come out and say it, but you'd have to be sleeping through the middle of all this to not pick up on their relationship."
The only downside is that the TV movie (which will be released simultaneously on DVD, I hear) will be the only Battlestar episode in 2007; the rest of the last season won't be until 2008. At least for a show that loves cliffhangers, it gives good ones.

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