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I've been waiting two years for Casino Royale's sequel, yes sequel, Quantum of Solace to come out, so it's never too early to start getting excited when reviews come in. Especially if they are what you were hoping to hear, and then some.I mean, after all, I did it last time and it worked out just fine. From the London Times Online:
    "James Bond is back, and this time it’s mighty personal. Daniel Craig’s craggy agent picks up exactly where he left off in another bruising thriller that leaves you feeling both drained and exhilarated... What makes Marc Forster’s film such an intriguing watch is that this is the first of the 22 Bond movies where the plot flows organically from the last instalment, and Quantum of Solace looks a far stronger picture for this rare continuity."
From BBC Online:
    "Clocking in at one and three-quarter hours, it's a good half hour shorter than 007's previous outing. And its reduced running time results in a leaner, tauter experience... And it's a brave step to push even further a lot of the themes developed in Casino Royale, especially the rediscovery of who Bond is, and why he is the way he is. It's a film that feels like the second part of a trilogy, with this being the bleaker second act."
And from Empire Online: (all reviews from British sites as they get QOS two weeks before we do):
    "It's entirely admirable that Quantum of Solace is the shortest Bond movie to date - it drops a great many of the long-running series mannerisms (callous quips, expository lectures, travelogue padding, Q and Moneypenny) as it globe-trots urgently from Italy to Haiti to Austria to Italy again to Bolivia to Russia with stopovers in London and other interzones... If it doesn't even try to be bigger than Casino Royale, that's perhaps a smart move in that there's still a sense at the end that Bond's mission has barely begun."
Finally, a short one from Screen Daily:
    "One of the most remarkable action films ever made."
Expectations: sky-high.

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