Sinestro Corps War

I don't often delve into the DC Comics realm (I've always been a Marvel kinda guy), but I'll make the occasional exception for stories that interest me. The Sinestro Corps War a two-volume series that captures that comic book run where Sinestro recruits his own corps to instill fear and kill all the Green Lanterns he can, and change the rules of the GLC (Green Lantern Corps) forever, is one of those.Geoff Johns, who already has attained a reputation as one of the best comics writers of the 21st century, weaves a tale that is rife with death, drama, and spendorous action. Better still, Johns writes for the comics fan who hasn't been necessarily following the histories of all the characters involved, and makes you feel like you can drop in and be a part of it.The series definitely has that galactic-implication feel to it, and the story delivers. Well worth my few bucks.

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