The All-Encompassing Whomping Bat of Disdain
Yesterday, I crawled out from under the stone that is my shelter to say a few words about my dislike for A.I. (American Idol... actually, I don't care for the movie A.I. either so you may interpret the letters how you wish) and in turn musicals. Granted, I haven't blogged very much recently, but it is far less infrequent than a cicadan cycle, as we in the Washington area are experiencing with cotton-in-our-ears horror.

Firstly, there were two comments made regarding the post on this very site. Two excellent exceptions were suggested to me that gave me pause and perhaps even a smidgeon of doubt as to my convictions. The first from Pep being the film Grease. I am forced to admit under duress and threat of expulsion from the no-Homers club that I am a fan of that film and I can watch it all the way through without skipping through the songs. However, this doesn't constitute some kind of chink in my contempt-armor; Grease is a film that transcends the genre and is a timeless classic. As such, I declare it to be the sole exception to my benign and loving rule.

The second, more clever and frankly insidious, comment was made by "Maggie May", a dog I know with quite a few tricks up her sleeve. "Maggie" has tempted me with my admitted and overt love of the Buffy series by wondering if the highly-touted musical episode, Once More With Feeling, was an exception because (1) a song-and-dance demon casts a spell on 'the gang', thus negating my argument about the jarring nature of musicals, and (2) it's Buffy. I've got to admit that Joss is a fucking genius and if I had blogged this commentary a few years ago, I would have thought it eerie that he managed to neutralize my core argument. Alas, and this may come as a shock, I have not seen the episode, so I can't comment. Yes, it is Buffy, but my aversion to musicals kept me from seeing it (I've seen snippets). So, I'll reserve judgement for now, but I'm sure that when I get past my obviously flawed condition, I will enjoy it. And no, this would not constitute a second exception because of the above-mentioned plot-device which circumvents my rules.

Finally, Jaquandor, a.k.a. Kelly "Chainsaw" Sedinger, pontificates (or blathers, depending on your P.O.V.) on the fundamental difference between us, i.e., he loveslovesloves them musicals. I don't see it as a core difference, per se, mostly because I don't spend any of my time thinking about musicals (all evidence to the contrary the last two days), so they represent a incredibly small part of my life. Kelly also interprets that I "hate" musicals, but that's a bit of an exaggeration. I just don't like them. If I had to pick a fundamental difference between myself and Buffalo-boy, it would be simply (and no less critically) that I hold the record for longest letter written, conceded by Kelly himself. And that I don't like Almond Joy or Mounds, while he loves both. That is all that matters. I don't like them.

Just the way I don't like you stinky liberals. Stinky! Okay, that was just an aside, but K.C.S. in that very same post characterizes me as a conservative, while I think of myself as an independent. In other words, while I do tend toward the conservative (with foreign policy and taxes), I would certainly never adopt a feckless 'anyone-but-the-democrat-in-power' byline. That to me is just whinery. IGNORE THIS LAST PARAGRAPH IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE 'THE TRUTH'!!! ;)

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