Bourne to run
Someone asked me last night what movies are coming out that you want to see, and for the past three months, my first answer has been the same: The Bourne Supremacy.

The Bourne Identity was a 200-million-dollar box office "underground" thriller by today's standards; although the film received great reviews and was very profitable, there wasn't a frenzied comic-book like following or media circus surrounding the flick. Also, there was (and is) general skepticism regarding whether Matt Damon could play the deadly amnesiatic assassin. Directed by Doug Liman of Go and Swingers fame, the film succeeded tremendously by being the anti-action film. Characters and interactions have a tangible quality to them, and the action sequences aren't eye-rollingly outrageous, but real, fast, and deadly. The cool kids knew it and, very quietly, made The Bourne Identity the top video-rental of 2003.

All of which leads those of us who know (and there are very few) to chomp at the bit for the sequel's release. Well, it's here, the reviews are positive, and, yes, my boy Walter Chaw's big thumbs-up doesn't hurt. I can't wait.

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