I Can't Lose On 'Jeopardy', Baby, Ooooooo...
In all previous years of the trivia game-show, "Jeopardy", the winners had a finite number of chances to cash in and prove their worth. After five consecutive victories, the champion would have to step down with his earnings. (Not without getting an automatic bid to come back on the end-of-season "Jeopardy Champions" tournament, however.) While this was good strategy for keeping fresh faces coming in, it also precluded any sense of 'greatest' regular season player. I'm sure this was on purpose -- I think it would be very defeating to have your chance to go on "Jeopardy" be against a 20-game winner.

Well, the rules have changes. This season, "Jeopardy" has thrown away that 5-game rule, and now it's a win-til-you-lose format. And it didn't take long for someone to win 37 games in a row and counting. That translates to 1.2 million dollars won so far. It also translates into very intimidating trivia knowledge. Naturally, the guy is a software engineer from Utah. I don't know if you could be from anywhere more square. Maybe Allegany, NY.

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