Star Wars Trailer TONIGHT
It has been confirmed that the new Episode III trailer will be on Access Hollywood tonight. Set your VCRs or TiVos or just watch.

Some images have already been leaked; you can see a few here. They are amazing. An allegedly shot (you'll see why it's alleged) of Darth Sidious is disturbingly fearsome, while the shot of Anakin, Palpatine, and Dooku looks to parallel Luke's decision at the end of ROTJ. Only this time we know it won't go well for Anakin.

I'm titillated.

UPDATE: Can't wait for the trailer? See the promo clip here (via Force.net).

AFTERMATH: If you missed it, or wonder what were some of the things you saw, here's a shot-by-shot description from TF.N, again. If you missed it, the teaser will be shown again today on E! News Live. And if all else fails, and you swear allegiance to Baal, I taped it.

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