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Via Cinescape, we finally get some news on the next X-Men movie and, yes, the Wolverine series. Series, you say? They are already plotting the sequel? You bet. In an interview with X-Men producer Lauren Shuler, she spilt the beans:
    But when she spoke about the newly announced WOLVERINE film (that 25TH HOUR writer David Benoiff is scripting), Donner gave away far more information that hasn't been revealed before. "The plan is to do more of an origin story for Wolverine," explained Donner to CHUD. "If that's successful, my deepest desire - I'm not reflecting Fox but you never know - my deepest desire is after the origin story, which David has worked out beautifully, it's really good - if that works, the second one could be the Mariko, ninja story."

    Donner is referring to the 1980s Wolverine mini-series written and drawn by Frank Miller which expanded upon Logan's ties to Japan, the samurai code and his marriage to Mariko Yashida, the daughter of a Japanese noble. The producer explained that she had already given star Hugh Jackman the comics which explained Wolverine's journeys in Japan and his role in the ninja conflict. "That whole Mariko love story is phenomenal because he gets down to his basest self and it's so cool," Donner elaborates. "But I think you have to do the origin first to educate the broader audience, and once you've done that and they know his history and what really happened to Logan then you can move on. You can go on to Mariko and her father and that stuff."
The graphic novel is one of the great comic stories ever. But, what of X3? Shuler can't help but confirm plot details there, too:
    Among the tidbits learned from Donner is that the door is still open for Joss Whedon to possibly direct X3; and that the storyline for the third X-MEN film will include the legendary Dark Phoenix story arc from the UNCANNY X-MEN comic book series ("with new storylines and characters," added Donner.)
Most of us familiar with the comics recognized the hints at the end of X2, but it's good to know they are going to treat the story. The storyline is from X-Men comics issues 129-137 (
purchase them as a set here), and contains a who's-who of character appearances. The battle at the end would be quite something to see filmed. In any event, required reading for you neophytes.

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