Sith Anticipation
Well, this weekend, the buildup for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith officially 'jumped the shark' for me. I'm so over seeing TV clip after clip, every trailer a half-dozen times, and glancing over countless articles from every opinionated flapjack under the sun. Let's not forget to mention all the critical reviews, most of which make sure to mention how 'stilted' (seems to be the favorite negative descriptor) the first two films were.

That in itself is irritating, since I happen to like both films immensely, but I must remind myself that not everyone can see the beauty of the films. I try to feel sorry for those people instead of looking down at their ignorance with disappointed eyes. I try REALLY hard to not think of such individuals as blithering fuckwits. Neither of these succeeds every time. It is a sometimes jarring result of freedom and internet access, where not only can everyone now voice their opinion, but that I can read them all instantly. It is my fault on the latter, but curiosity is a powerful motivator. I should not forget the 90% rule (i.e., 90% of all people are idiots) that I have used from time-to-time. I should not forget my own advice on these things from years past. I should not forget that I've been looking forward to this moment nearly all my life, and I should not forget it will be spectacular.

And I'll see it twice before it opens Thursday. One of my friend's friends manages a theather that will be showing Sith. Managers must apply the trailers to the films and then screen them to make sure the film isn't damaged. I was fortunate to get an invite to this unofficial screening when the subject came up a few months back (my friend and I always talk Star Wars). The second was bestowed on me by the grace of another friend who won tickets to see a screening Wednesday night at DC's Uptown Theater. So, barring some unforseen cosmic (or local) event, I should soon forget the foolishness of those with sight but who do not see.

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