Least Favorite Movies
I could start with some outrage, some pithy, biting comments about the author, but really what I have is just shock that I really like 5 of Jaquandor's 10-least favorite films. Of all time. Hell, I would put two of them in my top twenty list, but that's moot. I suppose it just reconfirms my notion that people are predisposed to like different things. I also know this because I sat down and debated the king of tomfoolery on IM about the validity of The Usual Suspects, and after forty minutes of frenzied typing we were no closer to agreeing on anything, except that we disagree.

Of course, this might fortell my involvement in the hater's club by listing my most-hated films, but I choose to not participate in the exercise. This is not because I don't want to act like a fan-boy-hater (although that should be excuse enough), it's because I can't recall that I've actually made myself sit through a movie that I, over the course of the film, started to despise. If you have done so, and you aren't paid to write reviews, then you are a tool. It would be a lot better to write about beginning or ends of movies (or books -- I can get list out right now for that) that caused me to just tune out or turn off the DVD or throw the book across the room.

Okay I've teased enough -- short list of books that I've thrown across the room from disgust at some point:
    LOTR: Fellowship of the Rings -- Mid-beginning. After about six goddam chapters of 'they're walking', I got really really bored and I never bothered to read any further. Borrrrrring.
    Along Came a Spider -- Beginning. Nominated for most childish and obvious use of foreshadowing ever in a sentence, there was a passage in chapter two that read like the guy writing it was twirling his mustache. I could not believe that someone didn't stop him. Literally, I chucked the book at the wall.
    The Lovely Bones -- Ending. The only book I have read to 'jump the shark' at the end. The first 300 pages are an amazing, heartrending, well-written masterpiece. When the main character suddenly, inexpicably, turns the novel into science fantasy, the heavy brakes are put on. I had to re-read the passage six times because I couldn't believe the writer pulled that stunt. If you've read this book you know exactly what I'm talking about.
Now that's a list you can agree with. Or disagree. Whatever.

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