In the news of the discomforting, the BBC is reporting that French surgeons (natch) have performed the first face transplant:
    Surgeons in France have carried out the first face transplant, it has been reported.
    The woman had lost her nose, lips and chin after being savaged by a dog.

    In the controversial operation, tissues, muscles, arteries and veins were taken from a brain-dead donor and attached to the patient's lower face.

    Doctors stress the woman will not look like her donor, but nor will she look like she did before the attack - instead she will have a "hybrid" face.
I'm hard pressed to think of another procedure that has considerable physical, ethical, and psychological dangers. Firstly, the donor must still be alive (presumably in a catatonic state). Taking another's face just is creepy in itself. Obviously, the concept has been explored before in films, none more unsettling than John Frankenheimer's Seconds. It's only a matter of time until this procedure is perfected and as elective as a face-lift.

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