BCS, Penn State, and Florida Oranges
Before I get rolling, let's give credit where it is due, and that's to Joe Paterno and the Nittany Lions for securing their first ever BCS Bowl game, the illustrious Orange Bowl, where we'll be playing Florida State on January 3rd, 2006, prime time. I'm excited about playing in the Orange, but I don't think it's a good matchup.

Florida State are the "ACC Champions" by virtue of the way the division was split up, and somehow getting a home game for the championship. Granted, the Hokies chokied, but at the end of the day, FSU shouldn't have even been playing in the game. They were and are the third-best team in the conference. I'm irritate because FSU is rewarded for being lucky enough to be in a crap division and play one good game so they get to play a virtual home game in the BCS. Also, PSU is the only team with anything to lose in the game. I'd hardly call that a good 'matchup'.

I respect good matchups when I see them. All the other bowl games are good matchups. I was dying to play Notre Dame. That would have been a good matchup. This BCS media machine have these two schools playing not because they are evenly matched (they aren't) or that their records are close (please), but because they have the two winningest coaches in NCAA history, period. It was the only recourse for the BCS system that got screwed, this time by the inclusion of a team who have absolutely no business playing in a BCS bowl game when there are at least 20 better schools ranked ahead of them.

Well, believe it or not, the government may be getting involved. Last week, congress issued a statement. "Calling the Bowl Championship Series 'deeply flawed,' the chairman of a congressional committee has called a hearing on the controversial system used to determine college football’s national champion." I don't know if it is the oversight of the government, and I don't care, because the college presidents and Atheletic Directors have absolutely no intention of ever going to a playoff system. If not this, then we just accept our fan fates as the helpless observers of presidential greed.

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