Fantastic Alba
Although it has been announced that there will be a sequel to this summer's critically panned Fantastic Four, I have yet to pass judgement myself.
I'd consider myself to be a casual fan of the comic series; I probably have about 40 or so of the title in my stash, but I never really got all that into it, although I'm versed enough to know who Willie Lumpkin is. That said, the reviews shied me away from seeing it in the theater. That, and reports that extra money was spent on the Mr. Fantastic effects after The Incredibles came out. Never a good sign when a cartoon film homage (and a great one) makes the original nervous.

Of course, I'm going to at least rent the DVD when it comes out this Tuesday. And, although you should (rightly) suspect that it is more a shallow worship of Jessica Alba that drives me, my bonus motivation to spend the four dollars is the news that the DVD includes an exclusive inside look at X-Men 3. (The teaser trailer is due any day and will be attached to King Kong, which sadly has no Alba, but a very nice portion of Naomi Watts.)

Update:The X-Men teaser trailer is up and running. Good glimpses of Angel, Juggernaut, and Beast.

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