Ellen Pompeo
I don't know what it is in particular that strikes me about Ellen Pompeo, who is probably most famous for being a part of the ensemble of Grey's Anatomy, a show I've admittedly never watched in its entirety. She's apparently won for 'Breakout Performance' for a female in the Teen Choice Awards this year, an honor that probably comes with some chagrin as she's older than I (she was born in 1969). Her film career is much less notable, with only supporting roles (and very minor) for Old School, Daredevil, and Catch Me If You Can. I may have to pick up Moonlight Mile just to see how she is in it. I was turned off the film when it came out because I sensed it was a little too contrived, but then I've been (somewhat) wrong before.

In fact, I couldn't figure out where I first saw her until I did a more thorough search, and then I remembered she played this whacked out girl named Laura Kendrick on an episode of Law & Order, where she helped rape her sister and then later on confessed that it turned her on. Probably one of my favorite episodes in the series because of all the twists and turns and shocked, and she sold the role. Anyway, there is a point to this. Probably the maturity in her eyes and the little crook in her smile, but for whatever reasons that I view the world in my own skewed way, even fresh off the heels of having seen Scarlett Johanssen in all her glory, I find Ellen Pompeo to be far hotter.

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