An Angry Response

My old friend and future participant in our Burr-Hamilton-type duel, Jaquandor had a few comments about my feeling that talking political trash at a funeral is poor form. Not satisfied his point was made, he then declared in his blog that he doesn't "give a shit" about what "the Right" (am I included in that?) thinks about the left's funeral procedure. And then goes on about it for 700 words or so, all the while not giving a shit.

Jaq does his best whining and crying about Republican faux pas, I guess mostly because he perceived my opinion as being "deaf to Republican crying and whining". Hardly the case, and hardly the point, although I did get a good chuckle out the picture of Chaney in his snowboarding gear at Auschwitz. (Or, in retrospect, was that hunting gear?) Maybe it was because he needed to get off his chest a list of righty 'jerk' moments, like this one:
    Of course, deconstructing Democratic behavior at funerals is nothing new -- Rush Limbaugh had a great time with a five-second video clip of Bill Clinton daring to chuckle after Ron Brown's funeral in 1996. This is, apparently, still an accepted truth on the Right, where the inner workings of Democratic souls are open for all to see, apparently.
Honestly, don't remember this at all, but now I will use it to grind what remains of Clinton into the mud. Thanks! Jaq's clearly partisan response is worth a read, because I think one should know both sides of an issue, and if possible be prepared to debate equally on both angles (Plus, playing devil's advocate is fun!), although it does come off as something of an angry rant. Unless you picture him smiling with the broadness of a maniac and a gleam in his eye. Then it's just creepy.

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