Must have hit too close to home to get her all riled up like that, huh, kid?

Perhaps a bit jovially out of context considering the current continued overreaction of Muslim fundaterrorists, but I was reminded of the famous Han Solo quote. (Of course the analogy stops there. If Han Solo is the sane people of the world, and Leia is the fundaterrorists, who does Luke represent when she plants a kiss on him? Considering they are related, could it be the fundachristians? Oooh, sounds like a mini-series! This is how my mind works, and it can be scary.) This time, not only have some Pakistani's insulted our national chicken, but the Iranians have decided to rename some yeast:
    TEHRAN, Iran - Not content with pelting European embassies with Molotov cocktails to protest against cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, Iranians have decided to rename the "Danish pastries" relished by this nation of cake lovers.

    From now on, the sweet, flaky pastries which dominate the shelves in Iran’s cake shops will be known as "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad," the official IRNA news agency reported as pressure on Denmark over the cartoons took on a new dimension.

    "No one is allowed to make fun of our beloved and respected prophet," Hassan Nasserzadeh, a cake shop owner in central Tehran, told Reuters.
And the surest way to make that happen is to name some pastry after him. Of course, finally, no one will be able to make fun of our love of the flaky, sweet goodness each morning. Praise these roses! Thank goodness the violence has died down and the Iranians have resorted to the stupidest gesture since the Freedom Fries, though at least the name change in that case still described what you were eating.

So, in that vein, in case you didn't catch any of the cartoons that "started" (not really started; I pointed to evidence that was a ruse a few days ago), this thing, at the right is my favorite. It is a hilarious political commentary on the commonly believed incentives given to fundaidiots to commit their acts of barbarism. Their Danish pastry makeover is the signal is that they finally got the joke. Let us rejoice in their newfound mastery (and sly mockery of the USA's own patriotic zealotry -- you guys!) of humor and look forward to their renaming of the Great Dane. (Based on their first attempt, I'm guessing the dog will be called "Muhammed's Beloved Red Stapler.")

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