Teaser Tidbits

A few teaser trailer links for general consumption. The first is a full trailer and site for a movie called Balls of Fury. Even though it is 50/50 whether this movie is hilarious or could be doomed to the unfunny "Knocked Up" bucket, I'll put faith in any film has this title with Christopher Walken as an evil ping-pong player.Second is a little prequel teaser for the upcoming Battlestar Galactica movie. For those unaware, the movie is going to focus on the history of the Pegasus crew. Just those few clips got me jacked.Finally, from our old friend Indiana Jones, the briefest of teaser clips from the forthcoming new addition to the series. Not much to chew on, but I'm already getting nostalgic for one last adventure.And lastly, via Pop Candy, some things should not be remade.

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