It's about old men...

Those TV news anchors really got a good handle on movies....
    Thanks to the local ABC affiliate in Buffalo, NY, we now have a great quote to put on the DVD box of No Country for Old Men: "The guy with no expression who keeps blowing up everything." There it is! That's the best movie of the year in a nutshell. Anyway, in case you haven't seen this yet, a technical snafu up in Buffalo accidentally turned on the newsroom mics in the middle of the Oscar broadcast -- right as they were announcing the best director award for Joel and Ethan Coen. Watch the video above, and listen to the part where the feed cuts out and these folks start talking about the film. One guy goes, "I don't believe in this Oscar bullsh*t, but this was the best movie of the year." Then the female news anchor goes, "What's it about?" And I swear it sounds like someone responds to her question with an answer that goes something like, "It's men. It's about old men." No idea. But it's definitely one of the funnier Oscar goof-ups I've seen in some time. My vote is for the Buffalo news team to host the awards next year.
Other 'what's it about' responses from the crack news team:

Gone Baby Gone: "About a baby that's gone... just gone."
Michael Clayton: "Michael Clayton. Duh."
Juno: "'Knocked Up' for KIDS."

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