The Greatest Game Ever Played

I'm prone to hyperbole, it's true, but not by much. Last night's Monday Night Football game, Eagles versus Cowboys, was the most thrilling, crazy, exciting, fun time I've had watching a game ever. For me, there is nothing as good (no, not even being at the game, sorry) as being in a bar with fans (and not all for one side, but a good jovial mix) watching on HD with the sound up and just rollicking and yelling and laughing at every play. There is nothing better for me, and last night was the peak of such activity.This 7-minute recap covers the best of it, but it really doesn't capture the feeling of the frenetic non-stop pace. When it was over, I was consoled by Dallas fans (!), but I was too exhausted to feel anything. Final assessment: that bungled handoff Q4 cost us the game. Whew!

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linguo said...

And, on top of all that, some top-notch busting on Chris. What an entertaining night!

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