Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

I'm not a gamer, that is to say, I haven't owned a game system since Texas Instruments. (Equivalent to a Commodore 64, if you are trying to pin a year on that.) I won't kid you that I haven't spent thousands of quarters in the old video arcades, or spent my time on Atari, but that is SO 1980's for me.

While I find the concept to be fun, since high school, I always have had the overhanging feeling that I am completely wasting my time while I am playing. I could be exercising, drawing, writing, playing music, i.e., doing something constructive instead of enhancing my carpal tunnel syndrome. And since I neglect those things which I am gifted at (specifically writing and drawing) enough, I can't in good conscience instead pick up a time-consuming and time-killing habit.

And until Star Wars: The Force Unleashed game, I really didn't have an issue. Games today have evolved to the point of being coherent stories with plots, characters, real actors, and some damn fun-looking abilities. The Force Unleashed purports to not only be the latest technology, but also the next chapter in the Star Wars saga, between III and IV.

Here is the YouTube six minute encapsulation with character summary:

A secret dark apprentice of Vader? Imperial pilot love interest? Secret conflicted other Jedi Master? Vader himself? I would KILL to see this movie. Instead, I am sitting here pissed that the only way I'm going to see this thing unfold is to find someone with a Wii and watch them play it. Or destroy them and take it for myself.

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Jaquandor said...

Does the tie-in novel for the game tell the same story?