eBooks and Material Possession
While I was skimming the internet for different sites for Star Wars books, I happened upon Del Rey's Star Wars location, which was selling eBooks. I had heard a few things about online books, mostly from Stephen King' attempt at it, but otherwise it was a remote concept for me.

The eBook for Vector Prime offers an assortment of goodies to go with the text itself (which, as I've mentioned before, is a very good book), such as illlustrations and backstory not found in the hardcover or paperback. Kind of like a DVD, really. The price is unbelievably cheap, so I might just buy it to see how it works.

Of course, I don't think anything can replace actually owning a book. And I do mean owning, not borrowing. I don't like to use libraries because I like the tangibility of having the book. I like to re-read novels from time to time. Also, I like having a huge bookcase of things I've read. It's a little fetish I have I guess, which is why eBooks won't ever replace the bound kind for me (especially since you can't print them).

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