Matrix Banned
Apparently, Egypt has banned Matrix: Reloaded because it tackles "religious themes". Well, you knew it was inevitable, especially since it comes from the country's "censorship board". However, I see that a lot of the original meaning has been lost in the translation to English. Luckily, I have the correct text handy for translation. Here's an excerpt, followed by the true meaning:

    "Such religious issues, raised in previous times, caused crises."
    "Anyone in the past who has dared to disagree with the church has been put to death, resurrected (thank Allah) and then put to death a second time. This was very distressing to our daily prayers."

Well, who wouldn't have a problem? The statement goes on to say:
    Violent scenes also had the potential to "harm social peace"
    Our country is populated with terrorist zealots, who love to kill. Especially those who choose the door on Neo's right.

Well, I can certainly understand that. You don't want your killers killing the star, do you? But the most telling part is:
    "Screening the movie may cause troubles and harm social peace," according to the statement.
    "Screening this movie loosens our mind control and causes people to think. You just can't have that in a religious zealotry-type state. You just can't.

Indeed. I can understand why this would be a problem. Well, what can you do?

The statement also went on to say later that you could "so tell" some of the Agent Smiths were stuntmen and there should have a lot more of "those wicked cool" twins.

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