Satan's Creatures
It's often been speculated what kinds of animals I prefer, specifically dogs or cats. Honestly, I like both, but I have neither. I like to travel when I choose to and have no desire to have my plans dictated by a lesser being.

Anyway, my roommate has a cat (named Kira, whom I affectionately call "Yub Yub" and disaffectionately call "Slutbag"). Cats are not nice and sweet. The difference between cats and dogs is this: if a dog sees something smaller, the dog will try to play with it; if a cat sees something smaller, the cat will try to kill it in a manner not unlike the Huns of East Asia. The cat allows me to stroke and pet (and feed) it only because it has determined that I could kill it. It clearly does not fathom why I have not done so already, for peering into those green eyes I know she's thinking "If only our roles were reversed..." Nevertheless, this is the nature of the cat, and, using some bad logic, naturally why a lot of women love them.

So, it doesn't surprise me that someone has decided to gather the most incriminatingly evil looks of cats for the internet. I love cats because they are devious, cunning, sometimes clumsy, spiteful, vengeful, and certainly slutty. Clearly, I'm a masochist.

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