Force questionaire
Via The Force.Net, TV Guide has a What Kind of Jedi are You? personality quiz. Naturally, I cannot resist finding out what infidels think I should be (I'm quite hard to peg on personality tests as I tend to be quite moody). However, this one was put together by someone with a bit of humor. Of the 18 questions, there are some real gems, but my favorite has to be:
    6. You can't find the remote control, so you:
    a. Use the Force to lift everything and find it.
    b. Force persuade someone to help you find it.
    c. Learn to change the channel with the Force.
    d. Use the Force to turn the nearest person into your personal channel changer.
As fitting, it wasn't hard to forsee my future. The last question is one that is usually mulled over by fans quite often:
    18. Your favorite Force power is:
    a. Force lightning (shooting lightning from your fingertips).
    b. Force choke (choking anyone in sight with the Force).
    c. telekinesis (moving stuff with the Force).
    d. Force persuasion (having your way with weak-minded individuals).
    e. Force stealth (hiding yourself with the Force).
If I had to chose one, I'd personally take the telekinesis, but a close second would be the persuasion. Most people aren't aware of the 'Force stealth' ability from the movies. The Jedi hero of the excellent 1st-person book, I, Jedi, had no telekinesis ability, but advanced powers of persuasion and stealth. Very interesting read.

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