Gambit Sawyer

One of my avid readers (avid, heh), upon reading my X3 rant from Tuesday, sent me an email asking if I'd seen the following trivia factoid from IMDB about the rumored casting of Gambit:
    Josh Holloway was offered the role of Gambit, but turned it down because the character was too similar to his character on "Lost" (2004). As a result, the character was never added to the film since this would have been a special cameo put in later had Josh decided to sign on.
Interesting. At face value, I'm glad Josh didn't agree. I actually think it would be pretty good casting, but the last thing that movie needed was another cameo, and not from a character that deserves a lot more.

However, I find it a little suspicious, because the rumor has been reported in many places with almost the exact same verbiage. If you were to Google it, you can get quite a few instances of the same story using almost the exact same words (for instance, here).In 7th grade, this would be known as plagiarism, but I'm not familiar with internet gossip columns. Of course, this also could mean that it was just copied and pasted from one single source, which makes the likelihood of this being just a rumor all the more likely. On the other hand, it could be standard operation procedure for reporting gossip to use the same words. Either way, I'm glad it never came to fruition.

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