Your musical God is dead. Long live... Oasis?

In what is undoubtedly a shock to most music-going folks, Oasis' debut album came out on top of "Sgt. Pepper's" in a list of Greatest Albums of All-Time from the UK
    :LONDON - "Definitely Maybe," the debut album by Oasis, has beaten the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" in a British vote for the greatest album of all time, organizers said Thursday.
    The Beatles also took third place with "Revolver" and had three other albums in the Top 100 in the vote staged by British Hit Singles & Albums, an annual publication, and NME.com.

    The vote was announced in last year's edition of British Hit Singles & Albums, said editor David Roberts. Anyone could vote for as many as 10 albums, in rank order, and probably 95 percent of the 40,000 votes came from Britain, he said.
Here are the top ten from the list:
    1. "Definitely Maybe," Oasis.
    2. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," The Beatles.
    3. "Revolver," The Beatles.
    4. "OK Computer," Radiohead.
    5. "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" Oasis.
    6. "Nevermind," Nirvana.
    7. "The Stone Roses," The Stone Roses.
    8. "Dark Side of the Moon," Pink Floyd.
    9. "The Queen Is Dead," The Smiths.
    10. "The Bends," Radiohead.
What is most shocking to me is that I own every single album on this list and love every one. "Definitely Maybe" deserves a rank above the much-ballyhooed "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?", but not sure that it's anything other than blasphemous to put something ahead of "Sgt. Pepper's". Of course, as I am one to blasphemise with regularity, I salute the voters. Anyway, it's likely that a large portion of them weren't even born when "Sgt. Pepper's" came out (like myself).

I might have shuffled a few of the albums on the list, but otherwise I'm fairly content with their representation of my New Order. Don't know how my influence has reached across the Atlantic, but to my new underlings, I say, "I will be your benevolent overlord."

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