The Movie I Love to Hate

Cinescape made an announcement today that I've been dreading:
    The sequel to the cult hit, THE BOONDOCK SAINTS, is set to begin production. The cast is all set to return, excluding Willem Dafoe.

    A box office flop and critical bomb, THE BOONDOCK SAINTS was written and directed by Troy Duffy. The film found a cult following once it hit DVD, making millions for Fox.
This forced me to become of registered user on Cinescape so I could make the following observation as 'cthomasflood':
    I have a few friends who swore by this movie, so I rented it. It lives up to the hype of being a pastiche of every single indie action film that came before it. It has a couple of entertaining scenes, all involving Willem Dafoe (who won't be involved in the sequel). The symbolism is heavy-handed, the plot is idiotic, and the 'message' of the film is ridiculous. It is a film written by a fool for an audience of simpletons. Enjoy.

    On the other hand, I loved 'Attack of the Clones', so what do I know?
I really relate to a comment by 'marshalwdr':
    That movie was so bad, it didn't make me laugh, it made me angry. They way he ripped off everything from Tarantino to Silence of the Lambs and then claimed he was such a revolutionary film maker...it was just ridiculous. Not to mention the over all sillyness of the plot and over the top acting and directing. This is one of my top 5 worst films of all time. I can't wait for the sequel.
That pretty much nails how I feel about it. Not so much disappointed as filled with rage. How people love this tripe kills me.

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linguo said...

What kills me is how seriously you take this movie. It's a shoot-em-up, not a documentary. Calm down! p.s. - you said pastiche!