Indiana Jones and the Hammer of Truth

Happy 64th birthday to Harrison Ford! And as a birthday present for our longest living action hero, Paramount has decided to go the Snakes on a Plane route of bluntly describing what the film is really about with the new title for the next Indiana Jones movie:
    Indiana Jones and the Ravages of Time is the current working title given to what will be the fourth of the Indiana Jones series of theatrical films. The film will be the fourth released, though the twenty-sixth episode chronologically, in a series of film and TV productions about the adventures of the heroic fictional archaeologist Indiana Jones.
Okay, okay, it's a working title, but so was Snakes on a Plane. (Incidentally, wouldn't Indiana just hate to be there?) Sounds like there's still some humor left in the ol' man after all. Either way, I'll be in the theater for it. Trust me.

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