No need to buy

Cinescape has a short blurb about the release date of the X3 DVD release:
    X-MEN: THE LAST STAND will come to DVD in the fourth-quarter of this year. 20th Century Fox will reportedly announce on Friday that the movie will hit shelves on October 3, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The film has made over $233 million at the box office and will be released in two extra-laden special editions.
Yippie-kai-yay motherfucker. I will not fall into the trap that I affectionately refer to as the Matrix: Revolutions folly and buy the DVD just to complete the series collection. X3 is the single most disappointing movie of the year, and clearly, of the series. Or, as a much snarkier commenter on that Cinescape page put it: "Too bad they don't have a DVD with an alternate X3 movie. Or maybe an alternate director and writers."

PS. The picture of Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde is there to note that every blind squirrel finds a nut.

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linguo said...

I would consider "buying" the DVD if it was free, came with a check for the amount of the movie ticket i unfortunately bought, and included a free trip to Overratedville for the sole purpose of kicking Brett Rattner in his cash and prizes.