The Last Word on Jenny

Ever since Brad Pitt got together with Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston started shlumping around the planet, to mention any one of those three to a woman was to invite an impromptu litmus test of her level of insecurity. It's difficult to really criticize those that condemn Brad for leaving her (allegedly) for a younger, hotter, more successful, more world-conscious, sexier woman; it's the greatest fear of many to be replaced by the young.It's unlikely that there was physical infidelity on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith whilst the Pitt-Aniston union was winding down. What is very likely is that there was emotional infidelity, and it may or may not have inspired the divorce. The marriage was failing, here's a woman who's better in every regard and could help you become a better man; it's a no-brainer.Did Angelina "steal" Jennifer's man? That question prompts more eye rolls in me than should be humanly possible. Thankfully I came across a throwaway response to this question, courtesy of What Would Tyler Durden Do:
    This actually sounds really mean, except I don't like Jennifer Aniston, so I don't really care. The victim the article doesn't mention is all of us, who will have to listen to Jennifer's bratty ass whine for another year just because she was beaten by someone better. Not only is Jolie 8 billion times hotter, she's a better actress and a better person. It's the difference between a Mercedes SL600 and a donkey that fell in the mud.

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